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Indian Street vendor

What Type Of Local Snacks Can Bring Back Home From India?

Travelling to India anytime soon? Thinking of what souvenirs to get for your family, friends or in-laws? We are here to help you.

India can give you the flavors to pack in your bag and take back to your hometown! There are some famous dry snacks with good shelf life and perfect for munching during travel if you ever get hungry along the way.

India is the country of a vast number of religions, beliefs and traditions. Every part has a unique lifestyle. The country of diverse culture and lifestyles has a lot to offer apart from only the historical places. It has a treasure for a food lover tourist. Usually the foods can be tried at their native places and the visitors get recipe and memories.

Soan Papri

This is one of the most famous snacks of India. Available in a lot of groceries stores around the world. The sweet crispy cubes that melt in the mouth are made with flour, gram flour, ghee, sugar and cardamom. Mixture is expanded continuously with hands to convert it into fibers. It is a very famous product of India and Bangladesh. In the old times it was sold in paper however now it is available in special packaging that is delivered every where in the world. There are many flavors of soan papri like strawberry, pistachio, almond, mango etc.


This snack belongs to south India and is filled with flavors of coconut, poppy and sesame seeds. They are mixed with spices and wrapped in gram flour that is fried until brown and crispy. It is mostly available in Gujrat and Rajasthan. Appearance wise they are a little like cinnamon rolls.


The circular balls like sweet are found on every occasion in India. The best part is the huge variety of flavours. They are made with different combinations of dry fruits and flours. It is a very handy snack that is easily available even at ordinary sweet shops and can be carried anywhere. Dried Laddu has very good shelf life.

Aam Papad

Aam Papad is delicious fruit leather made of mango and sugar. It is a little similar to fruit roll up candies but completely organic. Mango pulp is dried and carefully preserved in tight plastic wrapping which increases its shelf life. This dry mango pulp snack is very addictive and its flavour is different from the fruit.

Banana Chips

Banana fritters are famous all around the world but banana chips is a very different thing. They are also very common in Indonesia. In India both fried and dried banana chips are available. The slices of bananas are dehydrated carefully collected and packed which are chewy and sweet. While the fried chips are light brown and crunchy. This is a very healthy snack available in different flavours.



The spiral shaped munch is not only available in the country but is shipped to different places. It has a huge variety that depends on the type of flour. Different types of flours are used to produce a variety like rice flour, chickpea flour, wheat flour and sometimes lentils powder is also used. Different parts of India have different types of Chakli. They contain turmeric, spices, sesame seeds, different pepper, and oils.

Bombay Mix

As the name depicts, it is a mixture of a lot of different things. The major ingredients are fried chickpea flaked rice, corn, fried peanuts, curry leaves, coriander, fried lentils, sesame seeds and spices. Different types have a variety of mix and names. Mostly people know it by the name of “Chivda” and in London it is served in Indian restaurants with the name “London Mix”.  It is available both in salty and sweet flavours.

Sweet Shakarpara

The pleasantly sweet snack is easy to keep in the jar for munching. They are very crunchy and can be cooked easily at home. It contains refined flour, milk, sugar and kneed into dough. Then it is cut into diamond or square shaped pieces and deep fried in ghee until brown. Baking is also a good option to avoid frying.  They can be used as the substitute of cookies.


This snack is especially prepared in Telangana during the festive season. It is also distributed on weddings by the brides family among the groom’s relatives and friends. It is made up of rice flour, spices and different seeds.

Roasted Nuts

Roasted nuts are produced in almost every part of the world but India has something different to offer. The roasted nuts are coated with Indian traditional spices, sweet or available as the mix of roasted seeds. There is a huge variety where as the Indian cashew nuts are especially ordered from every where.


Tips for Packaging for Travel
These snacks are wrapped in paper and then packed in thick boxes. Extra safe packaging option is also available at the shop. They wrap the box into plastic gift paper. Soan papri, aam papar, banana chips, roasted nuts and Bombay mix are already available in plastic packages or boxes. These snacks are very handy and easy to carry in the luggage or hand carry bag.