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Things You Must Eat in Genting!

Article Contributor: Malaysian Guest Writer

We all know that Genting Highland is famous for its Premium Outlet and chilly weather. What you might not know about Genting is that it is also a FOOD HEAVEN. You can definitely make your trip to Genting a food tour. Today, I am going to share with you on my experience in Genting, including the food I had tried during my trip there.


Are you ready? Let’s get started!



The hotel I stayed during the trip was Theme Park Hotel.

Theme Park Hotel
The Main Entrance of Theme Park Hotel

As we were going in a group of 6, Theme Park Hotel is a perfect choice for us as it offers room that fit in exactly 6 persons (They do provide rooms for 4 persons as well.) The price of the hotel was quite expensive (RM689 per night) as it was Deepavali on the next day. The interior of the hotel looks like what it claims. It is so well-decorated in the jungle theme. There are slides and spaces for the children to play around. It is definitely a mini theme park for the kids!

Theme Park Hotel2
The lobby is well-decorated in the jungle theme.
Theme Park Hotel3
There is a cute tiger statue welcoming the guests at the lobby.

The process to check in and out of the room was very easy and smooth. To avoid long queue and hassles, the guest can check in and out using E-Kiosk machines. I was attracted by how cute and lively the room was when I was looking for the accommodation in Genting. And the great thing was it didn’t disappoint me! It was pretty, comfortable and spacious for 6 spacious to walk around. Everything we needed, for instance shower gels, towels, hair dryers, clothes hangers and a mini coffee bar was provided in the room (**5 STARS for the room!!**) The only downside is the hotel is not so near to Sky Avenue. It might not be convenient if it rains as there is no shelter for a short distance.

Where To Eat Good Food

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster is an eye-catching restaurant at Sky Avenue. I had been wanting to give it a try for so long and finally, I did it during this trip. Tips to Note Down: Do come earlier before the peak hours (lunch or dinner time) to avoid long queue unless you don’t mind waiting for your turn. The restaurant was full with people even though during non-peak hours.

Burger and Lobster
Time for the LOBSTER FEAST! (**Can’t wait for it…**) Here came the main character of the day-Chilli Lobster (RM188)!

Burger and Lobster

Looking good, isn’t it? The lobsters were served with a few slices of brioche (French bread). The bread slices were very fragrant and able to soak up the gravy as we ate it with the lobsters. The gravy was not spicy although the name of the dish sounded so. The fleshes of the lobsters were fresh and chewy.


Other than Chilli Lobster, we ordered The Original Lobster Rolls (RM138) and Seven Samurai Lobster Rolls (RM98). They gave generous amount of fleshes in each roll. However, the portion of one single roll was not big enough for one to feel full.

Burger and Lobster
The Original Lobster Roll (RM138)


Seven Samurai Lobster Roll (RM98)


C Chuan Village

Sky Avenue has everything including Si Chuan cuisine! If you are into something spicy and bold, you can definitely consider this restaurant.

C Chuan Village is located at Level 1 of Sky Avenue.

We had chosen Set A Special Family Set (RM148.00) which consisted of several dishes such as black fungus salad, cucumber salad, soup of the day, fish soup, mapo tofu and spicy chicken drumsticks (**Quite a good deal for a group of people, right?**) Besides, we also ordered a plate of Si Chuan Spicy Diced Chicken (RM34.00) which was not included in the Family Set. To our surprise, the dishes were very big in portion!! (**The consequence of overestimating ourselves hahaha**)

C Chuan Village
Si Chuan Dishes

Overall, the dishes were mediocre for us except both of the soups. Perhaps, it was because we couldn’t really accept the flavour of Sichuan pepper. Still, it is a great spot for meal if you are coming with your family or friends.



Malaysian Food Street


When you can’t think of what to eat, hesitate no more and come to Malaysian Food Street. This is where you can find something local. We were here for our breakfast which was included when we booked our hotel room. Unlike other conventional hotels, the breakfast was not provided in the hotel that we stayed. We needed to walk a distance to Level 4 of Sky Avenue to have our breakfast.

Malaysian food street
The Entrance of Malaysian Food Street
For your information, there is a section which serves halal food as well.
Malaysian food street
We were allowed to claim our breakfast at four different stalls using the meal coupons. If you don’t have the meal coupons with you, you will have to pay for the food which was quite expensive.
Malaysian food street
Dim Sum Corner

Here comes our hearty breakfast!! (**Jeng jeng…**) We had bee hoon soup, dim sum, toasted bread, porridge, half boiled eggs, coffee and tea for that morning. The day started off great with good breakfast. It was a satisfying meal!

Our trip to Genting was not long enough for us to try more restaurants out. Many other good ones are yet to be explored. I hope you enjoy this post and find it useful. Now, it’s your turn to figure out the gems yourselves!!