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Quirky & Odd Things to Do In Singapore

Bored of the popular attractions like Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands? As with other destinations, if you look hard enough, Singapore is home to lots of beautiful spots that are off the beaten path.

While Singapore is known for its beauty, exciting activities, and impressive sights, it’s high time you tried something new on your next trip to this beautiful country.

Get out of your comfort zone and take time to explore some strange things to do in Singapore.


Haw Par Villa
(photo credit:TripAdvisor)

Haw Par Villa

Universal Studios in Singapore might be one of the most visited attractions in this country, but it can never be as wonderful as Singapore’s weirdest theme park, Haw Par Villa.

The park boasts over 1,000 intricately designed, life-sized statues and sculptures featuring stories from Chinese folklore and legends. Take the chance to visit the 10 Gates of Hell, which depicts the unfair treatments sinners get in hell. Watch Haw Par Villa’s Introduction video here.


Bukit Brown Cemetery
(photo credit:Google Maps) 

Bukit Brown Cemetery

This is believed to be one of the largest Chinese cemeteries located outside the borders of China known to the local community as Kopi Sua or Coffee Hill. Spanning across 212 acres, the Bukit Brown Cemetery is the final resting place of approximately 100,000 people. The cemetery is believed to be one of the largest burial grounds dedicated to Singapore’s Chinese residents. Also, you’ll find tombs of famous figures in Singapore.

Plus, the cemetery is home to a good number of wildlife, thanks in part to its lush greenery. Wildlife found here includes flying fox, hawk eagle, and other endangered species. Keep in mind that the area is forgotten, and so has untended, overgrown grounds. Full info on other cemeteries wikipedia


german girl shrine
(photo credit:Kars Alfrink flickr)

German Girl Shrine

Located in Pulau Ubin, a small island off the coast of Singapore is the German Girl Shrine. Housed in a small hut, the shrine is dedicated to a German girl. Inside the hut is an altar where you’ll find various kinds of eerie feminine items such as brushes, polishes, and lipsticks. At the center of the altar is a doll, depicting the unnamed German girl, sealed in a box.

The girl’s parents were proud owners of a plantation on the island. Before WWI, the British invaded and killed the plantation owner and his family. The girl escaped but unfortunately died from falling off a cliff. Her decomposing remains were later discovered by local villagers and she was laid to rest. Some said the villagers were workers formerly employed by the girl’s parents in their plantation, but this claim cannot be verified. The house was built specifically to hold the personal belongings of the German girl, turned local deity. So, what are you waiting for, follow this link on Google Maps to take you there tonight (maybe).

fragment room


Fragment Room

Are you looking for ways to vent your anger? Are your kids or spouse getting on your nerves? Looking for a spot where your bad temper will be entertained? If yes, visit the Fragment Room.

Enjoy 30 minutes to hulk-smash in a private rage room. Here’ you’ll find a box containing various items such as wine glasses, plates, and lots more for smashing. For a more pleasant experience, you will be well equipped with goggles to protect your face and other tools to aid smashing.

If you’d like to do something out of the norm, this is the place to release your rage and frustrations. We all know you need one right now (FragmentRoom)


mangrove kayaking
(photo credit:adrenaline-hunter.com)

Mangrove Kayaking

If you think you’ve seen and tried all that Singapore has to offer, you may be wrong. Forget about exploring the Botanical Gardens or Bukit Timah Nature Reserve; nothing compares to the fun and excitement that comes with kayaking through a mangrove forest in Pulau Ubin. This is your best chance to experience Mother Nature at its finest.

This activity takes you on a cruise to explore Singapore’s mangrove forests or offshore islands. Regardless of your level of Kayaking experience, there is something for everyone. If you don’t have kayaking experience, your tour operator will fill you on the basics. This may not be quirky but definitely and odd activity nonetheless.


Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
(photo credit:Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum)

Visit Niche Museums in Singapore

While tops art houses such as the National Gallery and National Museum gets all the attention when it comes to displaying the country’s rich history and culture, don’t miss the opportunity to explore other unusual museums.

Top on the list is the Musical Box Museum showcases various kinds of vintage music boxes. Check out the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum to see well-preserved skeletons of dinosaurs and a whale. It will be a good day tour to bring your family and kids to this one, your little ones will definitely love this one!

If you’ve traveled the length and breadth of Singapore, chances are you’ve seen the most popular tourist attractions. Congratulations. It’s high time you experienced something uniquely different from the norm when next you visit Singapore. Whether you love arts, adventure, or nature, there’s something on this list for you.