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Must Visit Odd & Mysterious Places in Australia

Wycliffe Well

photo credit: TripAdvisor

Also known as Australia’s Outback UFO capital, Wycliffe Well is known for it’s aliens waiting to greet you as you enter the small town. It’s definitely more of an abandoned theme park in the 80s with it’s painted walls, flaky chipped out stars and galaxy drawings on the wall. Some people claimed that there were UFO sighting around the area during WWII.

Inside there is a restaurant and its walls covered with hundred of laminated UFO-related newspaper clippings. White lettering above reads, “Welcome to Wycliffe Well: UFO Centre of Australia.” Wycliffe Well is located 380 kilometres north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway, perfectly situated as a stop over. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park occupies a land area of approximately 60 acres.

(photo credit: TripAdvisor)
Good To Know
Wycliffe Well is also home to one of the largest range of beers in Australia.

Lake Hillier

(photo credit: interestingengineering.com)

Lake Hillier is located in Western Australia. With its mere 600 meters in length, Lake Hillier is known for it’s ‘PINK‘ lake, definitely passes our benchmark for true travel oddities! Why pink you say? its unique colour is still a mystery and not fully understood by scientists (just yet!), although we suspect it has to do with the presence of the Dunaliella salina microalgae and pink bacteria known as halobacteria. Best part is, this lakes does not change colors in accordance with temperature fluctuations. Even if you took a sample of the water and put it in a bottle, it’s going to remain pink.

Dunaliella salina alga is completely harmless. Do take note though, swimming in the lake’s water is safe and fun but impossible to do for normal tourists as the lake can’t be visited.

(photo credit: www.australias.guide)
How far is Lake Hillier from Sydney?
The distance between Sydney and Lake Hillier is 2574 km. * Sydney to Lake Hillier Guide
How many pink lakes are in Australia?
Besides Lake Hillier, there are four pink lakes in Victoria’s Murray-Sunset National Park, Lake Crosbie, Lake Becking, Lake Kenyon and Lake Hardy, and there is also a pink inlet located between Geraldton and Kalbarri in Western Australia, called Hutt Lagoon.

William Ricketts Sanctuary

(photo credit: TripAdvisor)

William Ricketts (1898–1993) was an Australian potter and sculptor of the arts and crafts movement. Tucked away in an area along on Mt Dandenong Tourist Road is the internationally renowned William Ricketts Sanctuary. Situated in the outskirts of Melbourne, it is surely one of the more iconic experiences if you are planning to give this unusual place a go and striking off that roadtrip oddities list.

(photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each of the 92 handmade clay sculptures represent the essence and origins of the Aboriginal culture, lifestyle and spirituality. He also believed that all Australians should adopt Aboriginal philosophies, respecting the spirituality of Mother Earth and all things in the natural world. Carved into giant rocks and old tree trunks throughout the property, this makes the sanctuary a calm and relaxing way to spend your morning or afternoon stroll with your family.



Paronella Park

(photo credit: www.paronellapark.com.au)

Paronella Park is a heritage listed tourist attraction located at Mena Creek, Queensland, 120 kilometres south of Cairns. Inspired by childhood memories of Catalan castles, Paronella and his workers set to work designing an entertainment area. Paronella Park has received multiple Queensland tourism awards, is State and National Heritage listed and is a National Trust listed property.

The Park was sold out of the family in 1977 and sadly, in 1979, a fire swept through the Castle. For a time, the Park was closed to the public. Cyclone Winifred in 1986, a flood in January 1994, Cyclone Larry in March 2006, and Cyclone Yasi in January 2011 were all further setbacks and challenges for Paronella Park.

(photo credit: www.google.com/maps/)
How much does paronella Park cost?
Paronella Park is open every day: 9 AM – 7:30 PM


Port Arthur Ghost Town

(photo credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Arthur,_Tasmania)

Port Arthur was named after George Arthur, the lieutenant governor of Van Diemen’s Land. The settlement started as a timber station in 1830, but it is best known for being a penal colony.  In 1833, the town became a prison to Britain’s hardest criminals. Today, Port Arthur is a World Heritage Listed site that claims to be the most haunted destination in Australia.

Port Arthur is located about 97 km (60 mi) south east of the state capital, Hobart, on the Tasman Peninsula. The scenic drive from Hobart, via the Tasman Highway to Sorell and the Arthur Highway to Port Arthur, takes around 90 minutes.

Why is Port Arthur important to Australia?
Port Arthur is an exceptional example of the 19th-century European strategy of using the forced labour of convicts to establish global empires. Port Arthur demonstrates to a high degree the adaptation of the 19th century British penal system to Australian conditions.


Kuranda Hippie Rainforest Village, Cairns

(photo credit: TripAdvisor)

Kuranda is located in a mountain retreat of Kuranda Village and it is just 25km northwest of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia.  Kuranda’s cool mountain climate makes for an ideal escape from the heat of the coast. Not the mention it is one of the quirkiest tropical village with all it’s oddities and also it has one of the oldest living rain forest in the world. Take a short hour drive via a really nice scenic mountain route or the 1.5 hour train drive with the KSR, Kuranda has been attracting visitors for a long time.

(photo credit: TripAdvisor)

It has many hippie markets and really feels like a bustling ‘mini-town’ with all of its scenic splendor. Artistic and musical legacy that can still be enjoyed and experienced there, look out for the amazing street art and talented buskers performing on street corners. Not only are you able to soak up the atmosphere but there’s plenty of other things to do there like Koala Gardens, Birdworld Kuranda, Jumrum Creek Walk, Riverboat tours, and an awesome hiking trail for all you adrenaline seekers out there. It surely is a must visit if you are around the area!