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Local Confronts Begpackers In Malaysia

As you may already know western begpackers are sparking outrage across Asia predominantly South East Asia due to it’s cheaper cost of living and ‘mat-salleh-friendly‘ environment. Sadly, these days westerners came up with a bright idea and resorted to street begging just so they can continue traveling? Does that even sound right? (We pity those ‘legit’ beggars that is actually on the streets to get enough money for their next meal, let alone dreaming of a holiday)

In this video taken from ViralPress: This is the moment a furious local confronts ‘beg-packers’ illegally selling trinkets on the roadside in Malaysia. The resident, named Michael, was walking along Jonker Street in Malacca City when he spotted the group with their handicrafts, bracelets, and other handmade items for sale laid out on the pavement.

He took pictures as he walked by which sparked anger from one of the down-and-out dread-locked tourists. The young woman in a black vest stood up and confronted the Malaysian father-of-three outside the city’s Hard Rock Cafe.

In the video, the foreigner woman is blocking the camera to conceal her face.

She was heard saying: “What is your problem? It’s my body, I have the right to dispose of my body the way I want, if I don’t to be on your camera, I’m not gonna be on your camera.”

During the argument, Michael insisted that they are “begging.”

He said: ”You guys are begging on the street in our country.”

Upon hearing this, the woman got worked up again and retaliated:

She said: “This is begging for you? This is not work? What are you doing?”

Michael believed that the group of tourist peddlers do not have the necessary license or permits to work in the country. He reported the incident to the Immigration authority.

Michael said: ‘’When I was taking their pictures, one of them became aggressive and even threaten to throw my phone in the river. That’s when I decided to video it.’’

Video source is taken from ViralPress (liveleak)