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hong kong protest

Hong Kong’s Unrest and Tourism Turmoil?

HK protest again(On 12th June 2019, 2 million people in Hong Kong marched to protest against the extradition bill)

Hong Kong is arguably one of the most popular places in the eastern part of the world. The Asian region surely has so much to offer vast majority of people living in the city as well as tourists and executives flying in for diverse purposes. Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and it is uniquely known to be a place with a concentrated dose and taste of both Chinese cultural background and the western or British mix. Hong Kong is an English speaking part of Asia and with  lots of tourist attraction and booming economy, it is a likely destination to many people especially tourists. Home to about 7.4 million people, Hong Kong attracts millions of tourists every year which testifies to the amazing and appealing tourist centres that exist within the Hong Kong region.

Hong Kong is home to many tourist attractions which are littered around everybody of the city and offers unique sight-seeing fun and excitement to millions of people. The movement of tourists to various centres of attraction within Hong Kong has reduced since the protests and demonstrations against government began in the city. However, tourists can still enjoy and relish the beauties and luxury of various beaches, the cultural and religious splendour of the Buddha temples and excitements of many other places that are not around the conflict areas of Hong Kong. For tourists that can find their way off troubles around the airport and the streets, a peaceful serenity lies ahead in several tourist centres which are located in distance places from where protesters demonstrate daily. There are beaches that offers natural feel of waters and sunbathe, the temples and monastery where tourists have a knowledge of ancient beliefs and parks that offer amazing natural allures.

hk protest 3(‘Kill me or free me’ – Tensions rise in Hong Kong after the government ban a protest and deny the protesters everything, forcing them to fight to the bitter end, convinced they have nothing to lose)

The protest started as a mass walk through the ever busy streets to demonstrate the people’s disaffection to government’s move over extradition of criminals in Hong Kong to China mainland. It has however continued for weeks and months with tourist getting more and more uncertain of the situation. There have been calls by national governments and agencies of many countries advising tourists heading for Hong Kong to be careful and cautious amid the present situation and after months of unabated protests, it is advisable that people visiting various tourist centres within Hong Kong place personal safety as top priority. Protests in Hong Kong has generated some violent situations since its inception and as many centre of attraction closes and reopens access for visitors, it is probably safer to jettison a trip to Hong Kong at the moment. For those that have to be in Hong Kong amidst the protests, they must keep off and prevent any movement into places and areas where protesters are demonstrating or in a physical tussle with security agencies of government.

HK tourist

In conclusion, it is safer to stay off the city of Hong Kong at the moment because of the current unrest and protests than traveling and get trapped in the web of some unsavoury situations. For tourists who are in Hong Kong and those that must be there, they are strictly advised to be careful of every movements and stay secured.