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Winter Harbin

Can You Handle Harbin? Can You Brave The Cold?

Harbin, home of the world’s largest Ice Festival, is a small city located in northeast China, with strong cultural and culinary influence from Russia. Because the city’s main attraction is its annual Ice Festival, held late December through early February, a visit to Harbin is going to be...

horror japan


Are you planning to visit Japan anytime soon? Ever thought about doing a trip with your buddies and ONLY visit haunted houses, scary amusement parks, and even escape rooms with ju-on like evil spirits? Well this is your chance, let us give you a guide to the top haunting attractions...

mukbang korean

The Korean ‘Mukbang’ Eating Trend

We all know Korea’s economy is the 4th largest in Asia and the 11th largest in the world, they are also climbing up the ladder globally in the ‘weird activities we do’ sector. Have you guys heard of Mukbang or you have probably seen people eating ‘way to...


Quirky & Odd Things to Do In Singapore

Bored of the popular attractions like Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Sands? As with other destinations, if you look hard enough, Singapore is home to lots of beautiful spots that are off the beaten path. While Singapore is known for its beauty, exciting activities, and impressive...