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Travel This Year Following Your Chinese Zodiac Sign!

It’s 2020! Are you busy looking up online to uncover your Chinese zodiac forecast and fantasizing about your next holiday? You will be amazed to find out that the animal represented by your birth year provides a practical appraisal of many life choices – including where to travel...

Woman gains fame kissing

Hottie Kisses Strangers In Front Of Famous Landmarks

An Instagram influencer has gone viral after revealing she kisses strangers in front of iconic landmarks to create romantic travel photos.  The 23-year-old posted a series of photos on Twitter, the first of her in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, with the caption: “I hope this guy...

Odd places to visit in Malaysia

Odd & Mysterious Places To Visit In Malaysia

Crystal Mosque (Terengganu) The Crystal Mosque or Masjid Kristal is a mosque in Wan Man, Terengganu, Malaysia.  It is a grand structure that is typically made of steel, glass and crystal, the mosque is located at the Islamic Heritage Park on the island of Wan Man. The mosque was...

yuru-kyara mascots

Famous Japanese Mascot Obsession ‘Yuru Kyara’

What’s yuru-kyara? Yuru-kyara is a Japanese term that means mascot characters. These mascots are usually created to promote a place or region, event organization or business. Well, the nation’s recent obsession with the yuru-kyara might be going a little overboard. There’s...

australia lepak travela!

Must Visit Odd & Mysterious Places in Australia

Wycliffe Well Also known as Australia’s Outback UFO capital, Wycliffe Well is known for it’s aliens waiting to greet you as you enter the small town. It’s definitely more of an abandoned theme park in the 80s with it’s painted walls, flaky chipped out stars and...

random street food

Random Street Food Spots in the World

Street food has become incredibly popular lately.  Why wouldn’t it?  It’s cheap, portable, and  you don’t have to sit down in a restaurant to get it.  Where should you go if you love street food?  I’m glad you asked, because here are our four of our favorite places for street food in the...