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Home » 10 Travel Hacks For a Boys or Girls Trip (MEME inspired)

10 Travel Hacks For a Boys or Girls Trip (MEME inspired)

Use Credit Card Points

Why pay cash for a trip with your friends?  Sign up for a new credit card or two, and get the sign up bonus to help offset the cost of the trip.  If you play your cards right, you could end up paying next to nothing for the entire trip.  There’s nothing better than going for an excursion with your friends for free!


Get an Airbnb

If you are going on a trip with a sizeable amount of people, renting a large house through Airbnb, or other vacation home rental service is probably going to be much cheaper than getting hotel rooms.  Just think, if you are going with 10 people, you will likely have to get 5 hotel rooms.  A room at a halfway decent hotel will probably run you around $150/night.  This means that you could easily spend $750/night on hotel accommodations!  Your best bet is to go the vacation rental route, and you will likely spend half of what you would spend at a hotel!


Buy Alcohol at the Store

Let’s face it, if you are going for a trip with your friends, there will likely be some alcohol involved.  Unfortunately though, alcohol at bars and clubs is incredibly expensive!  Buying some alcohol at the store and having some drinks before you hit the bars can save you a ton of money!


Consider a Road Trip

If you are going on a trip far from home, you may want to consider making it a road trip.  The cost of plane tickets adds up very quickly, so you may want to evaluate the viability of a road trip.  This will save everyone money, and you will definitely make some memories, as you ride down the highway in a car filled with all of your friends.


Take Advantage of Group Discounts

If you plan on doing any sort of paid activities on your trip, and your group is large enough, you should look into group discounts.  Not all places offer them, but you would probably be surprised by the number of places that do offer them.  Check the venue’s website, and if there is nothing mentioned there, don’t be afraid to call and ask!

Group Discount: Hidden Secrets of Kuala Lumpur Half Day Cycling Tour


Book Redeye Flights

No one likes to take red eye flights.  That is why they are often much cheaper than flights during the day.  If you can’t make the trip a road trip, look into taking red eye flights.  They have the added benefit of landing right when the day begins, so you can immediately leave the airport and start having fun! Note: Red Eye means night flights.


Use Google Flights

A great tool to find cheap flights is Google Flights.  They have a feature that allows you to track the price of plane tickets over time.  All you have to do is select your destination and dates, and Google Flights will send you an email whenever there is a significant change in price for your selected itinerary.  This can save you a ton of money, and doesn’t take very long to set up! Google Flights


Waterproof Your Bags

If you’re going to be near the beach, or any other body of water, then you should probably take some steps to ensure that your belongings don’t get a little too moist.  Make sure your electronics don’t get soggy by spraying your bags with a water-repellent spray.  If you don’t have access to such a spray, simply lining your backpack with a garbage bag will do the trick too!  Just make sure to tie the bag off before you go anywhere!

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Never thought about this did you? Five dollars for a bottle of water?  No, thank you.  Bring a reusable water bottle when you go to the airport to avoid paying those astronomical prices!  Just make sure to empty/drink anything that is in it, before you go through security.  This may sound silly but using a reusable water bottle has the added benefit of reducing your plastic consumption as well!


Bring Extra Clothes in a Carry On

It is no secret, airlines aren’t always the best at keeping track of where your bags are going.  Make sure you don’t get caught without a second pair of pants!  Pack an extra set of clothes or two in your backpack, that way if the airline loses your bags, you won’t have to go out shopping as soon as you touchdown. Trust me, i have seen many unlucky people losing their luggage and they had to buy new clothes just for those few days, not to mention paying an astronomical price for it.

So, are you ready to Lepak & Travela with your gang yet?